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From AJR,   October 1997

Cliché corner   

"This story had everything a simple-minded journalist could want: cops, sex, a fairy tale princess ; the rich Egyptian playboy ; the drunk security thug driving the car; and, of course, the vulgar photographers capturing the life of the rich and stupid for our entertainment." ( Hartford Courant )

" The princess and the playboy began their relationship on Mohamed Fayed's yacht, Jonikal...." ( Washington Post )

" The princess and her playboy , Dodi Fayed, who died with her in the car crash, were photographed while on vacation." ( Cincinnati Enquirer )

"The new love interest in the princess ' life was a millionaire playboy and film producer whose father owns...Harrods department store in London...."

(Los Angeles Times)

"First, it was the 'stalk-arazzi,' who, according to false first reports, swarmed the moving car for photos of the princess and the playboy ." ( Newsday )

"These photographic bounty hunters were the first to be blamed for hounding the photogenic princess and her escort, the playboy Dodi Fayed, to their deaths." (William Safire)

"Looking back on the princess ' fantasy affair with the playboy , did anyone have a premonition that things might not be quite right?" ( Washington Times )

from more than 120 references during a

four-week period in August and September



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