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From AJR,   March 1998

Cliché Corner   

" Yada-yada-yada will become nada-nada-nada in May, and the prime-time landscape will never be the same."
( Austin American-Statesman )

"Will you be among fans suffering major 'Seinfeld' withdrawal when Jerry calls it quits in May? Or are you frankly yada-yada-yada about hype surrounding the Thursday night television event?"
( Allentown Morning Call )

"It was a show about doing as little as possible, getting away with as much as you can and, well, yada, yada, yada ."
( Arizona Republic )

"For the next two weeks, certain experts will claim that this time will be different, that these Broncos are better than those Broncos, yadda, yadda, yadda ."
( Baltimore Sun )

"Burger King announced that in a double-blind, yada, yada, yada independent test, its fries beat McDonald's in taste."
( Rocky Mountain News )

"Buddy, Buddy, Buddy yada, yada, yada. President Clinton's new puppy suddenly is the most talked-about and photographed pooch in America."
( Washington Times )

"Words of Wisdom: Please, no more yada, yada, yada ."
( New York Times )

from 175 references to the Seinfeldism during five weeks this winter



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