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From AJR,   April 1997

Cliché corner   

By Suzan Revah
Suzan Revah is a former AJR associate editor.     

"After ['Star Wars' '] stunning $100 million-plus re-release, moguls are saying 'Show me the money!' to their film archives." ( Dallas Morning News )

"When I was in high school I heard President Kennedy say, 'Ask what you can do for your country.' The phrase 'Show me the money!' applies to present-day politicians of both parties because they must constantly be concerned with fundraising in order to finance their reelection campaign." ( Tulsa World )

"Long before the movie 'Jerry Maguire' validated it as a mantra for the late '90s, NFL free agents were crying: 'Show me the money!' " Cliché Corner Daily Double! ( Atlanta Journal and Constitution )

" 'Show me the money' is the next-to-last line at the Pentagon, before you get to the bottom line." ( Boston Globe )

"As a token of the New Bipartisanship, Democrats and Republicans have begun touting volunteerism. They both say they want to celebrate good deeds by bestowing grants and tax credits upon 'volunteers.' Evidently, salvation through compassion is out. The new slogan for altruism: Show me the money! " ( Detroit News )

"When it comes to picking a mate, 'Show me the money' could be the motto for almost one-quarter of young women today, a new survey by George Brown College business students says." ( Toronto Sun )

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