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From AJR,   June 1997

Cliché corner   

By Suzan Revah
Suzan Revah is a former AJR associate editor.     

"In a culture with no moral compass , confession is no longer a prelude to punishment." ( The American Spectator )

"...Americans are of two minds when it comes to paying taxes, and suffer a sort of schizophrenia of the moral compass ." ( Tampa Tribune )

"Maybe photographers, like most of the rest of the world, are adrift without a moral compass in their kit bags, secretly longing for a navigational map for the sea of unlimited permissions." ( New York Times )

"Texas Gov. George W. Bush told California conservatives Friday that the nation must reform a failed culture that has created 'a jobless, fatherless and godless' generation with no moral compass ." ( Riverside, California, Press-Enterprise )

"...if we have a booming economy with no moral compass , we will soon be like the derelict who wins the lottery only to squander his wealth and sink further into depravity." ( Charleston, South Carolina, Gazette )

"[President Clinton] will be best remembered, I suspect, as the president who restored the news media's sense of outrage and rectitude. He gave us back our moral compass .... Bill Clinton has pricked our collective conscience, releasing a Niagara of righteous indignation that has been impounded for lo these many years." (Gannett News Service )

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