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American Journalism Review
Cliché corner  | American Journalism Review
 AJR  Cliché Corner
From AJR,   June 1998

Cliché corner   

"But for a notoriously emotive president, he will also look for opportunities to meet informally with ordinary Chinese and feel their pain ." ( Newsday )

"Male pols are so eager to court the women's vote, she predicts they'll soon be wearing ' I feel your pain' high heels." ( Newsweek )

"Liz smiled. Not smugly, I thought, and yet not unlike the college admissions officer who feels your pain as he turns down your kid and her 1,400 SATs for one who also writes sonnets and plays the slide trombone." ( Boston Globe )

"It seems that, when Americans consider the plight of smokers in the abstract, t hey feel their pain , but, when they actually meet a smoker in court.." ( New Republic )

"T reasury Secretary Robert Rubin feels Japan's pain . But he's not promising any action to bolster the yen." ( Business Week )

"Yet from the ' I feel your pain' Oprah to the ' let's add to their pain' sadism of Jerry Springer, the focus is on victims." ( Chicago Tribune )

"Show people naturally assume that politics is just a branch of show business and take it for granted that the feel-your-pain stuff is all an act." ( American Spectator )

"Less flattering is the notion that journalists are better at making readers feel the pain of those countries than at explaining it." ( New York Times )

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