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From AJR,   July/August 1998

Cliché Corner   

"Has Sony Pictures become a victim of its own 'size matters' efforts to successfully launch 'Godzilla'? Possibly...."

( Los Angeles Times )

"Size does matter, as the 'Godzilla' ads tell us, and the size of McGwire's home runs is what truly sets him apart from anyone else in the game today."

( San Diego Union-Tribune )

"Ninety motorcycles will roar up the ramp of the Guggenheim Museum this summer, which only proves that size does matter for a museum show too, though noise is more important."

( Newsday )

"Sometimes, size matters. In the past three months, several small businesses, including some that had been in town for decades, have closed."

( Hartford Courant )

"It seems that where Viagra and big government are concerned, size does matter."

( San Francisco Chronicle )

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