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From AJR,   September 1997

Cliché corner   

By Suzan Revah
Suzan Revah is a former AJR associate editor.     

"Drew Brooks refers to his Spokane Heat as a ' one-stop shopping forum' for major league baseball scouts." ( Spokane's Spokesman-Review )

"Suffolk is consolidating its zoning, building and housing inspections into what will be called the Department of Neighborhood Services. Citizens will get one-stop shopping . City employees can wear more hats and thus get more done." ( Norfolk's Virginian-Pilot ) Cliché Corner Daily Double!

"When the ultimate merger of defense contractors comes, why not bypass the old names altogether? Just call it Pentagon One-Stop Shopping ." ( Newsday )

"The display should complement Roswell's UFO Encounter trade show--a perfect one-stop shopping opportunity for someone who might need a new pair of alien shoes, want to see a gigantic, muscle-bound inflatable alien or confront aliens in virtual reality--nicely." ( Charleston, South Carolina, Sunday Gazette Mail )

"Villains 'R' James Woods. He's Hollywood's one-stop shopping place for no-good-niks." ( USA Today )

"Capt. Howard Bogan Jr...calls the bluefish action ' one-stop shopping ' with the drill no more complicated than finding a school of blues on the electronic fish-finding gear, anchoring and catching them..." ( Asbury Park Press )

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