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From AJR,   November 2001


A CNN press release incorrectly announces the departure of Bernard Kalb from the network's "Reliable Sources" program.

By Kathryn S. Wenner
Kathryn S. Wenner, a former AJR associate editor, is a copy editor at the Washington Post.     

Despite a press release to the contrary, Bernard Kalb remains with CNN's "Reliable Sources," although in a less visible capacity--he's no longer questioning guests, but continues to do his "Back Page" commentary. On September 7, the network put out a statement saying Kalb would be stepping down and quoting Lucy Spiegel, CNN vice president and senior executive producer for weekend public affairs programs, saying "we wish him all the best as he continues to turn his critical eye on the media." A CNN spokeswoman says the resignation "was our position on September 7. We resumed discussions with Bernie" after the events on September 11. "I think it was a little premature," Kalb says. "They were having discussions with me" at the time. "I'm going to be continuing the thing I like the most."