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From AJR,   December 2002

Odd Jobs   

How a newscast blew a story on J. Lo

By Jill Rosen
Jill Rosen is AJR's assistant managing editor     

Fox News' Shepard Smith blew it in a recent story, one could say--but good.

Reporting November 4 about Jennifer Lopez's new single, "Jenny from the Block," Smith pointed out that J. Lo's using the single to let fans know that despite unrelenting reports of her diva behavior, her diamonds, her soon-to-be-third marriage, she's still just a homegirl from the Bronx. However, Smith added, those still on that Bronx block beg to differ.

As J.Lo's tune played in the background, Shepard said the song is, "all about how she's a neighborhood girl at heart, but folks from that street in New York, the Bronx section, sound more likely to give her a curb job than a blow job."

Sensing those weren't quite the right lines, Shepard immediately offered: "Or, a, ah, a block party."

"So sorry about that slipup," he added. "I have no idea how that happened, but it won't happen again."



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