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From AJR,   December 2002

Cliché Corner   

"Contrary to popular belief, it is easy being cheesy."
Bangor Daily News

"Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft isn't the 800-pound gorilla of the computer industry; it's the 800-pound pit bull."
New York Times

"Contrary to popular belief, the Jersey barriers and orange detour signs that dot the downtown bridges over Route 95 are not permanent fixtures."
Providence Journal

"Contrary to popular belief, Michelle Pfeiffer does not have it all."
Pennsylvania's Allentown Morning Call

"Contrary to popular belief, cops don't stop eating doughnuts during fair season to make room for funnel cakes."
Pennsylvania's Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

"Contrary to popular belief hereabouts, Freeport isn't the only town whose high school sports teams are nicknamed the Pretzels."
Illinois' Rockford Register Star

"Contrary to popular belief, Ed Roberts doesn't slop the hogs on his family's farm in Trenton, Ky."
Memphis' Commercial Appeal

"Off the court, [Cincinnati coach Bob] Huggins says he remains--contrary to popular belief--'the most laid-back guy there is.' "
Tampa Tribune

"Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a million bucks to look like a million bucks."
Phoenix New Times

"Contrary to popular belief, children as young as four show a remarkable aptitude for photography and are perfectly capable of framing a portrait shot."
Jerusalem Post

"Contrary to popular belief, a Mercedes and a standing tee time are not issued with a medical-school diploma."

"Contrary to popular belief, the University of Minnesota does not have a big game Saturday at Ohio State."
St. Paul Pioneer Press

"And contrary to popular belief, the elk don't quit bugling when the Elk Bugle Corps calls it quits for the night."
Fort Collins Coloradoan



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