She's Not Bashful  | American Journalism Review
 AJR  The Beat
From AJR,   January/February 2003

She's Not Bashful   

CNN producer Dana Bash moves to the other side of the camera to become a White House correspondent.

By Kathryn S. Wenner
Kathryn S. Wenner, a former AJR associate editor, is a copy editor at the Washington Post.     

CNN Capitol Hill producer Dana Bash steps from behind the scenes to become a White House correspondent for the network. Bash, 31, was featured as one of the "unsung heroes" of Washington broadcast journalism in AJR's July/August issue. Since last summer she's been appearing regularly on CNN's "Saturday Edition," and when Kelly Wallace recently left the White House to cover international stories, Bash went for it. "The atmosphere could not be more different" at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, she says. "On the Hill it's kind of open. You walk through the halls, you bump into people you cover constantly," which doesn't happen at the White House, making it tougher to do the kind of digging she's known for. Bash hopes her Hill sources will help fill some of the gaps. "A lot of the issues are very similar--you're talking about a bill or a policy," she observes. "You just come at it from a different way."



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