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From AJR,   January/February 2003

Cliché Corner   

It's baaaaack. As if it ever left. Ever since the spooky ghosties got back into the TV set in the 1980s hit, "Poltergeist," and a child actor observed, "They're baaaaack," we've used and abused this tired line. They're back. He's back. She's back. The following is a list of stuff the media has recently declared baaaack. After this, let's just send it back, once and for all:

Lizzie Grubman
New York's Daily News

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
New York's Daily News

Quentin Tarantino
South Carolina's Charleston Post and Courier

Santa Claus
Toronto Sun

L.A. Clippers
Arizona Republic

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"L.A. Law" cast
Tulsa World

Bill Clinton
Des Moines Register

Tony, Carmela, Meadow, A.J. and their "family" colleagues

The Nutcracker
("that rather wooden guy who turns into a prince and takes a girl named Clara to dreamlands of snow and sweets")
Houston Chronicle

El Paso Times

Mike Tyson
New York's Daily News (this paper must LOVE this phrase)

The Rolling Stones
Washingtonian magazine

Tina Brown




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