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From AJR,   November 2001

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Ratchet up vs. Ramp up

"As the narrative weaves back and forth between the eras of [Terry] Hooper's life, the looming storm cloud ratchets up the tension until it hums like a piano string."
Buffalo News

"Producers say they'll ratchet up everything in the second episode, but they always say that."
San Francisco Chronicle

"In the steady buildup to war, the president has had to ratchet up the rhetoric on a daily basis to match our passion."
Philadelphia Daily News

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[TV's "Alias" star Jennifer] Garner has been one busy gal lately, but her life is about to ramp up to chaotic.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"The slow ramp-up of air traffic is taking its toll."
Miami Herald

"The 3.7 V-6 is coupled with a four-speed automatic as production ramps up."
Washington Times

"U.S. ramps up the rhetoric, weighs options"
St. Petersburg Times

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