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From AJR,   June 2000

Cliché Corner   

By Lori Robertson
Lori Robertson (, a former AJR managing editor, is a senior contributing writer for the magazine.      

"A row of 10 yellow Air Tractors sits in front of his two huge hangars. [Crop-duster Jack Frost] owns a 600-acre fish farm next door to his airstrip. He has spread himself into other businesses as well. He is not alone. "
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

" 'When I got out of school I was just happy to get a job,' said spokeswoman Heidi Johnson. 'I had to charm the pants off the company I wanted. Now I'm having to charm the pants off potential employees.' " Johnson is not alone. "
Austin American-Statesman

"Butch Carter's style and tactics may be out there and off-kilter. But he is not alone. "
New York Times

"Tired of waiting in line and sitting in traffic? Do you dream of a home on acreage where you'd have a little room to breathe? " You are not alone. "
Atlanta Journal and Constitution

" 'I help them celebrate their holidays and they help me celebrate my holidays,' Messier explains. He attends services with his wife and children on Jewish holy days, and they go to church with him on Christmas. " They're not alone. "
Manchester, New Hampshire, Union Leader

"But the Jets didn't replace [receiver Keyshawn] Johnson. They didn't add a player who could change a game.... This year, trading away the franchise to get two extra picks in the first round is a recipe for mediocrity. " The Jets were not alone. "
Seattle Times

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