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From AJR,   June 2003

Fox Fan   

By Unknown

The difference between CNN and Fox ("Everybody Wins," April) is that Fox offers a multiplicity of opinions, while CNN offers only one.

It's a matter of who you question, and who you take at face value. CNN seldom questions the left, and usually is skeptical of conservative ideas.

Journalism has gotten so far off-base that it now worries about reporters actually being exposed to facts and experience, rather than being able to remain at an abstract level where they can "analyze."

You aren't the zookeepers, and we aren't your monkeys. Every time a new event occurs, I see the media rushing to "put it into perspective"--meaning, tell us how we should think about it. At least when I watch "Sanity and Conehead" on Fox, I have a contrast of opinions and ideas. And sometimes, I even agree with "Conehead."

Your article is an awkward and ineffective apology for CNN, and it confirms the same elitist outlook that "mainstream" journalism has been accused of. The shift to Fox is much more than the sifting out of targeting markets. People's opinions about the world, and about journalism, are changing in the wake of 9/11. People are not switching to Fox, they are converting to a new way of getting their news, and they are waking up from the myth of objectivity and the false aura of omniscience of the blow-dry anchors of "mainstream" news.

Now the grown-ups are in charge. If you want to become players in this new world, then you can become grown-ups too.

Brad Jensen
Tulsa, Oklahoma



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