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From AJR,   August/September 2003

Canít Beat the Meat   

Headlines that result after a Pittsburgh Pirate takes a bat to an Italian sausage.

By Jill Rosen
Jill Rosen is AJR's assistant managing editor     

Talk about a letdown. A Pittsburgh Pirate in July takes a bat to someone in a sausage suit during a game in Milwaukee. A giant sausage! Italian! This is almost a headline-writer's dream. But despite the tantalizing potential, few journalists stepped up to the plate--for either the baseball or the sausage. Here's a sampling, some still quite amusing, of what a few news outlets served up:

Pirate in trouble for sausage assault

'Sausage beater' booked for battery

Ballplayer booked for belting costumed sausage

Police grill Pirates' Simon for hit on racing sausage
New York's Daily News

Pro Ballplayer In Sausage Beef (Twin Cities)

Man Allegedly Attacks Sausage

Pirates First Baseman Attacks Italian Sausage

Infield foul: Racing sausage hit with bat
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What a weenie: Pirate strikes sausage
Contra Costa Times

Pirates' Simon Grilled for Clubbing Sausage

Pirates' Simon swings, hits racing sausage
San Jose Mercury News

Pittsburgh player may be charged after sausage mascot chopped with bat
Toronto Sun

Was it a knockwurst?
Toronto's Globe and Mail

Player Charged in Sausage's Battery, San Francisco

A Pirate food fight? Simon smacks sausage; Brewers win
Madison, Wisconsin's Capital Times

Player won't be charged in baseball sausage beating incident
WDRB, Louisville, Kentucky



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