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From AJR,   December/January 2004

Here for the Taking   

John Morton, a highly respected figure in our industry and a former discussion leader at the American Press Institute, said in reference to programs at Poynter and at API, "[T]hese programs may not be sufficiently comprehensive or focused enough on managing people, which is the issue here." (The Newspaper Business, August/September.)

From our perspective, the real issue is not that Poynter and API seminars lack sufficient people-management content. Both focus strongly on this aspect. Unfortunately, the real issue is that too many of those who make the newspaper industry's decisions about training expenditures have insufficient fealty to the notion that lifelong learning is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of any human being in the workplace.

In API, Poynter, the Media Management Center and scores of other training providers, the industry has a vast array of personnel-development options. It's sad, really, that so many papers opt not to take advantage of the learning programs these organizations provide.

William L. Winter
Former president and executive director
American Press Institute
Reston, Virginia