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From AJR,   June/July 2004

Cliché Corner   

"Gold is the new black."
Seattle Times

"Pink is the new black."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Is purple the new black?"
Indiana's South Bend Tribune

"Maybe pink really is the new black."
Miami New Times

"[W]as that way before gay became the new black?"
St. Louis' Riverfront Times

"King favors black and various shades of pink--this season's new black."
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Haven't you heard that pregnancy is the new black?"
Denver Westword

"Orange is the new black. No kidding."
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Brown is the new black when it comes to men's shoes."
Tennessee's Knoxville News-Sentinel

"Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons says red is the new black."
Cleveland's Plain Dealer

"In the world of Island formal wear, the new black"
Honolulu Advertiser

"White is the new black--it was a mantra rolled out on the red carpet again and again during the recent Oscar awards ceremony..."
Copley News Service

"Conflicting messages abound: One top fashion magazine says white is the new black. Another says pink is the new black, and still another says brown is the new black."
Buffalo News

"Brown emerges as the new black, even in eveningwear, and designers are describing it as chocolate, espresso, mocha and mahogany."
Salt Lake City's Deseret Morning News

"'Hey, Nicole! Soaking wet is the new black!'"
New Orleans' Times-Picayune

"For about a month this presidential campaign season, orange was the new black."
Baltimore Sun

"In case you haven't heard, drag is the new black."
Greensboro, North Carolina's News & Record

"Purple is the new black and sequins are, well, the new sequins."
New Orleans' Times-Picayune

"Since color is the new black, it's time to throw last year's basic mules to the back of the closet."
Detroit News

"It's official: Brown is the new black--the can't-do-without-it color fashion fans will have in their closets come next fall."
New Jersey's Asbury Park Press

"Bow ties are the perfect accent for political commentary. They're the new black."
New Times Broward-Palm Beach

"Aloof is the new black."
Louisville Courier-Journal

"Is it going to be the new LoDo? Only inasmuch as brown is the new black and food is the new sex--in other words, no."
Denver Westword

"If that isn't your bag, various shades of skin tones..are being touted as neutrals (a beige is the new black kind of thing)."
Indianapolis Star

"No matter what you may have heard, tea is not the new coffee, gray is not the new black and irony, while it is by its very nature a little sick, is not dead."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"You don't have to be a fashion victim--or a terrorist--to know that orange is the new black this season."
New York Sun


"If you're searching for evidence that 50 is the new 40, as the saying goes, you need look no further than to Cyndi Lauper."
New York Times

"It's said that age 60 is the new 40."
Vermont's Burlington Free Press

"50 is the new 40--or even the new 35."

"Fifty used to be the new 40, but now, according to the cover of a recent AARP magazine, it turns out that 60 is the new 30."
Salt Lake City's Deseret Morning News

" 'You once said, 'Don't trust anyone over 30,' but now chirp, '50 is the new 30!'"
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Now 40 might be the new 30, but there's no way that 34 is the new 19."
San Francisco Chronicle

"They say 50 is the new 40. Or is it 30? Either way, again, I hope they're right."
USA Today

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