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From AJR,   August/September 2004

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"Who famously ends a musical sentence with a preposition in the lyric, 'If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with'?"
Charleston, South Carolina's Post and Courier

"Like those bands, Wilco has had its 'Behind the Music' story arc, from drug addiction to bitter squabbles to Reprise Records famously refusing to release 'Yankee [Hotel Foxtrot].'"
Norfolk's Virginian-Pilot

"After ambitious stabs at a history-of- rock concept album and a summery pop record culminated in 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – a post-9/11 rumination on the state of America, famously recorded prior to September 11...."
Denver Westword

"Gossip columns report that Mimi's character is also based on the famously difficult Naomi Campbell, who, predictably, has said she won't read the book."
Houston Press

"When that occurred to the famously retro Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler undertook these rejuvenating measures..." New York Sun

"Bruce Willis is thinking about having a new English hair treatment to cover up his famously bald head."
Dayton Daily News

"In 1997, he died in that famously diaphanous four-story maze on 15 levels... Wright famously disliked cities.."
New York Times (two uses in one story)

"Did he get Botox injections to smooth out his famously craggy visage?"
USA Today

"The L.A. mayor is famously private about his family; when he was elected, he made it clear that Monica would not be available for any sort of interviews."
Los Angeles Times

"[Jessica] Simpson has come off as the savviest of the bunch, parlaying her ditsy persona into TV viewers' hearts as she famously acted surprised that Chicken of the Sea wasn't chicken..."
Philadelphia Inquirer

From more than 700 references between June 10 and July 10