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From AJR,   December/January 2005

Dirty Politics   

By Unknown

These political campaigns are corroding our electoral process. Who wants to participate in character assassination, Orwellian "doublethink," dreamland oratory, and outright lies and inflated claims?

We should be putting our heads together to fix and strengthen our process by cleaning it up. Perhaps the journalists could stop reporting news using future tense. Stop providing the outlet for garbage. Get off their rear and check out stories and stop using the media as a propaganda organ.

The news outlets that used to educate voters are no longer independent (and presumably neutral) sources of impartial information. Where can I go to get the truth?

I can assure you that I no longer bother following the political campaigns. They are just too unreliable, divisive, aggravating and disheartening. When a story or ad comes on, I zap to another channel or skip the story.

I hope AJR can bring the corrosive nature of modern campaigns to the attention of the public at large. At least, I hope some improvements in the way campaigns are conducted will lure people back to the polls instead of turning them off!

David Helkenn
San Diego, California