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From AJR,   April/May 2005

Predictable Press Corps   

"[Knight Ridder's Ron] Hutcheson walked out. But no one followed," wrote Lori Robertson in "In Control" (February/March). Sad, yet altogether not surprising. Thirty U.S. Marines and one sailor were killed January 26 when their transport chopper crashed in Western Iraq. After the fact, President Bush opened a White House news conference without mentioning this tragic, historical event!

Moreover, six questions were raised by the White House male press corps before NBC's David Gregory brought up the subject. In the end, it was the only such query of more than 30 submitted. Another example of Bush-Cheney-Rove White House press corps inquisitiveness, hands-off policy, eh?!?

Thank you for writing "In Control."

Philip A. Nathan
Leesburg, Virginia



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