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From AJR,   April/May 2006

I Didn't Say It   

I Didn't Say It I was angered and surprised to be misquoted in "International Intrigue" from your February/March 2006 issue. I was angered because I did not say that Arthur Sulzberger Jr. told the International Herald Tribune newsroom: "Stop spending my money." I was surprised because I actively tried to correct this with your fact-checker when he e-mailed to verify the quote. For your readers, a more accurate characterization would be: "We've got to spend money more intelligently and we must have results."

Thomas Crampton
Neuilly, France

The author, Susan Paterno, responds:

In my extended conversation with Tom in a Paris café, I asked him what Arthur Sulzberger had said when he addressed the newsroom in a town hall meeting in early July. Tom responded: "Stop spending my money." He chuckled as he said it and was paraphrasing, not directly quoting, Mr. Sulzberger's words, a fact I made clear in the story.