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From AJR,   April/May 2006

Take 2   

By AJR Staff

The Naked Gun
Police: Man fires gun wearing only socks
( Texas' Odessa American )

A Sticky Situation
"I have not seen any remorsefulness on his part," Schultz said. "All I have seen is viscous and awful stuff."
( from a story about convicted killer Michael Morales' clemency plea, in California's Santa Monica Daily Press )

She's Got Legs, But She Doesn't Know How to Use Them
Harry legs turning off husband in bedroom
( Michigan's Muskegon Chronicle )

You Can't Be Too Careful
As a result, a law enacted in the fall of 2002 required meningitis vaccinations for all incoming freshmen planning to love on campus.
( University of Hartford's Informer )

Rescue Me
Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft had to rescue himself from the Justice Department's Enron investigation after revealing that the company donated nearly $61,000 to his failed 2000 Senate campaign.
( "Enron's Tangled Web" flier by Public Citizen )

Taste and Sensitivity Award
Prosthetic legs returned; police stumped
( Reuters )

Interesting Use of City Funds..
City steps up teen-pregnancy effort
( Richmond Times-Dispatch )

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