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From AJR,   April/May 2006

Cliché Corner   

By AJR Staff

Vice President Dick Cheney's "choice of interviewers raised eyebrows , because Fox anchor Brit Hume has been critical of the White House press corps for pressing the administration on how Cheney came to shoot his hunting partner, Harry Whittington."
(USA Today)

"His potent chili has won many accolades, just as his rough-hewn establishment has raised eyebrows ."
(Washington Post)

Last month, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. " raised the eyebrows of those who thought he was a moderate when he endorsed a federal right to use a law aimed at curbing drug abuse to block Oregon's referendum approving doctor-assisted suicide."
(Boston Globe)

This month, designer Tom Ford " raised eyebrows as the editor of an issue of Vanity Fair celebrating Hollywood."
New York Times)

"Broward high school teachers chose the first-year biology text they'll be using until 2013 — and it's not the one that raised eyebrows with a mention of intelligent design."
(Miami Herald)

"This ad for a lingerie store raised eyebrows when it ran in the Utah State University newspaper."
(Salt Lake Tribune)



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