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From AJR,   October/November 2006

Take 2   

By AJR Staff

Too Dead to Serve
"Highway Chief Resigns After Death in Tunnel"

Pun Building
"Edifice wrecks"
(Chicago Tribune)

"Oh Deere, she has long Wie to go"
(Over a story in Knoxville's News Sentinel about golfer Michelle Wie's performance in the John Deere Classic)

Not Kosher
"Victoria panhandlers working the cluster of souvenir shops of Government Street like to think they have a more gentile approach than those in Vancouver."
(British Columbia's Vancouver Sun)

Some Learn It Themselves
"Visit by Lewis brings tears for PMS teachers"
(Georgia's Dunwoody Crier)

Going, Going, Gone!
"CBS starts campaign to sell Katie Couric"
(Orlando Sentinel)

Two Wrongs.....
"A Spell Check error occurred in the Aug. 16 issue in Letters to the Editor. The name Alcaida was replaced with Al-quaida."
(From a correction in Arizona's Parker Pioneer that compounded the problem by misspelling a misspelling. The published letter turned Alcaida into Al-qaida, not Al-quaida.)

Taste & Sensitivity Award
"Bill banning horse slaughter saddled with problems"
(Sacramento Valley Mirror)

Mixed Signals
"Official: Subways safe"
"Attacked with power saw in subway"
(From two different, same-day editions of Newsday)

By Music Critics
"Jessica Simpson ordered to rest voice"

The Eyes Have It
"FDA eyes better regulation of body parts industry"

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