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From AJR,   October/November 2006

Unsung Heroes   

Really liked your story on media in New Orleans ("The Ties That Bind," August/September), but I was sad to see you didn't include my former paper, New Orleans CityBusiness, which is also chronicling the rebuilding. Its corporate parent, Dolan Media, made a commitment to stay open in New Orleans and sent key staff members to offices in Baltimore and Baton Rouge until they could get back to the newsroom in Metairie. I know obviously it's not on par with what the Pic reporters went through, but it would have been worth a mention as would have WWOZ, the most important community radio station in New Orleans, which relied on archived recordings from its fans around the country to fill the very empty air in the months after the storm and has far fewer resources than the corporate-owned stations you mentioned.

But aside from all that, very, very good piece.

Megan Kamerick
Focus/Small business/
Special reports editor
New Mexico Business Weekly
Albuquerque, New Mexico