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From AJR,   December 2006/January 2007

Take 2   

The Others Lived?
"City's 39th murder victim this year dies"
(Orlando Sentinel)

Wanted to be Pie In the Sky
"Pumpkin Dreams Squashed"
(Chicago Sun-Times)

Windy City Echo
"Hiring Freeze? What Hiring Freeze?"
(Chicago Sun-Times, August 27)

"Hiring Law? What Hiring Law?"
(Chicago Tribune, September 17)

It's a Massacre
"100 hunters to get shot at black bear"
(Associated Press)

No Kidding
"Teen's Tongue Piercing Linked to Pain"
(Associated Press)

Who Needs the FAA?
"Mother Nature grounds balloons during festival"
(Colorado's Aspen Times)

Day Late, Dollar Short
"Scientists develop a vaccine for 1918 flu"
(Orlando Sentinel)