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From AJR,   April/May 2007

Cliche Corner   

By Unknown

"With the death of reality TV star Marilyn Monroe-like images and scattershot speculation was instantly loosed across the on-air and online landscape of 24-hour news." (Baltimore Sun)

"Marilyn Monroe, mimicking the iconic bombshell's voluptuous looks, platinum locks, ditzy personality and dishy sex appeal. Ultimately, she even resembled her idol in her untimely death." (Associated Press)

"From her first pictorial in Playboy, Marilyn Monroe, whom she frequently imitated in dress and actions." (San Francisco Chronicle)

"Marilyn Monroe image with her breathy singsong voice and va-va-voom figure." (Washington Post)

"With her blonde curls, baby talk and bodacious curves, Marilyn Monroe." (Houston Chronicle)

"You wouldn't get rich if you had a nickel for every time Marilyn Monroe on television in recent days. But you would have a big bag of nickels, and appropriately so." (Cleveland's Plain Dealer)

"By the time [Marilyn Monroe." (Newsday)

"Marilyn Monroe what a Yugo is to a Ferrari." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

--From more than 120 references between late September and early February to the hideously overcovered Smith



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