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From AJR,   December/January 2008

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But, for the second straight time, Walker left points on the field as a fourth-down pass by Tharp was tipped and intercepted in the end zone on a fake field goal attempt.

(Walker, Minnesota's Pilot-Independent)

The Patriots also left points on the field through omissions of their own.

(Attleboro, Massachusetts' Sun Chronicle)

The Jayhawks had their flustering moments. They left points on the field after dropping three passes that would have gone for touchdowns.

(Wichita Eagle)

So here they were Friday afternoon, having just coughed up a 6-0 lead when the Longhorns, who had left points on the field all day long, turned a fumble recovery..

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Lawton MacArthur beat Chickasha, 17-14 on Thursday in a District 5A-1 clash, and both teams thought they left points on the field .


They had the ball on the Virginia 44 with less than three minutes left. All day long they had left points on the field .

(Hartford Courant)

But the offense left points on the field , missing an extra point, a two-point conversion and a 1-yard, fourth-down conversion..

(Lock Haven, Pennsylvania's Express)

Sure, they'll take it, but they left points on the field . That can't happen against a club that averages 30 points per game.

(Sioux Falls, South Dakota's

Cliché Corner Trifecta!

"Caroline Fredrickson, director of the Washington legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union, called it a 'perfect storm' of progressive Democrats who did not think the bill protected basic constitutional rights and of Republicans who took advantage of the lack of unity. 'It was too precipitous a process, and it ended up in a train wreck,' she said. 'It was total meltdown.'"

— Washington Post



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