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From AJR,   April/May 2008

Cliché Corner Hustings Trifecta!!!   

By Unknown

"Keep moving the goalpost is how the Obama campaign describes it."

(ABC's Terry Moran)

"Senator Clinton's apparent moving of the goalposts with her claim that she's just getting warmed up, a probable surprise."

(MSNBC's Keith Olbermann)

"So I guess, you know, you could call that moving the goalposts, if you want. But I think, quite honestly, that if Obama wins Texas — and I think it looks good for him there — if he comes here and wins Ohio, then I think it's over."

(PBS' Mark Shields)

"The only strategy left is to try to cheat and steal and move the goalposts."

(Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity)

"Did she already move the goalposts and just looking for rationalization tomorrow to keep going?"

(MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, again)

"So, President Clinton, former President Clinton, just a couple of days ago, said she has to win both. Now, here is Ickes saying, if you just don't lose both. I mean, the goalposts are moving."

(MSNBC's Chris Matthews)

"Hillary Clinton moved the goalpost again today, signaling that winning here in Ohio and being competitive in Texas would be enough to keep her campaign alive."

(NBC's Andrea Mitchell)

"Both Senators Obama and Clinton offer a two-pronged feel-good platform on foreign policy: They would pull American troops out of Iraq, and they would restore America's standing in the world. Nice, isn't it? Peace and love. Let's hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya.'"

(columnist Frida Ghitis)

"Mr Obama's foreign policy 'competence' so far consists of planning a no-preconditions 'Kumbaya' songfest with terrorist-sponsoring Islamic leaders."

(letter in Financial Times)

"Liberals don't all walk in unison, walk in lock step, embrace each other, and, contrary to what you think, sing 'Kumbaya,' and all agree on every thing."

(Alan Colmes on Fox News Channel)

"For his part, McCain isn't seeking such a Kumbaya moment."

(U.S. News & World Report)

"The rap on Obama remains that he preaches the audacity of Kumbaya."

(columnist Frank Rich)

"If you find yourself drawn to the Clinton candidacy, you likely believe that politics is politics, that partisanship isn't transmutable, that Republicans are for the most part irredeemable. You suspect that talk of transcendence amounts to humming 'Kumbaya' past the graveyard."

(New York Magazine)

"And this, in turn, reflects a schism in Democratic thinking — to what extent to be the party of fighters and to what extent the party of Kumbaya — that is being played out most prominently in the presidential race."

(Washington Post, under the headline "Kumbaya Caucus")

"Sen. Clinton, however, had viewed Texas and Ohio as her firewall against his momentum-building march through 11 straight primary contests before Tuesday's primaries."

(Chattanooga Times Free Press)

"Later on, Clinton has her three firewalls, Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, the kind of big states that could tip the balance one way or the other."

(National Public Radio)

"Unless Hillary Clinton can somehow..maintain a big-state firewall (Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania) after an unrelenting string of smaller defeats — the superdelegates will flock to Obama. Hope will have carried the day."

(columnist Charles Krauthammer)

"Should Clinton's 'firewall' of Texas and Ohio provide her no more protection than Florida offered Rudy Giuliani, then Democrats, with the nomination process effectively over, can begin efforts to unify the party and focus on winning the hearts of independent voters key to victory in general election."

(columnist Donna Brazile)

"For one thing, if this is an election where a candidate wins by virtue of being seen as winning — a definition of momentum — that would mean that voters in coming states would be influenced by the outcome of earlier races. And Mr. Obama might then be in a position to encroach on Mrs. Clinton's firewall of Texas and Ohio."

(New York Times)

"But in Texas, Latinos may not be the firewall that the Clinton campaign needs. The Obama mystique transcends cultural barriers."


"Polls show the New York senator losing ground in her firewall contests, and The New York Times reported Tuesday that the Clinton camp is throwing what one aide called the 'kitchen sink' of attacks at Obama."




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