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From AJR,   June/July 2008

Game Changer   

By Unknown

"Hillary Rodham Clinton needed a game changer . Instead, it's almost game over."

(Associated Press)

"Clinton didn't exactly get the game-changer she wanted and Indiana was not, as Obama put it, the potential tie-breaker."

(Chicago Sun-Times)

"His advisers dubbed last night a momentum builder, but not a game changer ."


"Yesterday offered her last, best chance for a 'game-changer,' to use the buzz-phrase of the last two weeks."

(Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Still behind in pledged delegates and in the national popular vote, Clinton has unabashedly called on Hoosiers to give her a game-changer today .."

(Providence Journal-Bulletin)

"Just hours before voters were set to go to the polls in the Tar Heel State and the Hoosier State, Obama and Clinton clashed over economic issues like the gas tax holiday while hoping for a game changer to bolster their cause, boost their delegate count and persuade crucial superdelegates to put them over the top."

(San Francisco Chronicle)

"A win here could be a game-changer, so Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are offering a full-court press."

(Maggie Rodriguez, CBS)

"Yes, there are more contests to go, but North Carolina was not the game changer Senator Clinton needed in the view of the Obama campaign."

(John King, CNN)

"MSNBC will stay live until 2 in the morning Eastern time. These primaries could be game-changers tomorrow night."

(Chris Matthews, MSNBC)



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