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From AJR,   June 2000

Salon for Twentysomethings   

By Kent German
Kent German is a former editorial assistant at American Journalism Review.     

A NDY WANG HAS done a lot. He entered college at 14, graduated with a master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri at 21, and then assisted with the launch of, where he spent two years as an editor and reporter.
Now 24, Wang is about to add another line to his résumé as the editor in chief of a new Web site for twentysomethings being launched in September by Novix Media.
While modeled after the online magazine Salon, the site will not only produce news and commentary, Wang says. It will also help users manage their lives.
"It's going to be a hybrid of commerce, content and services," he says.
The site will assist Gen Xers in paying bills, getting jobs, selling belongings and consolidating debt. Wang sees no stiff competition and insists that the only site that comes close is the college-oriented
"The space is wide open for our site," he says. "We're not reinventing the wheel, just taking services and wrapping them around content."
Operated out of Novix Media's New York City offices, the site will revolve around several "channels," including entertainment, sex and romance, sports, technology, health and fitness, living and money. Novix Media, which was founded last June, owns and manages online media. Michael Berman, its chairman, co-founded George magazine and also served as president and COO of Hachette Productions, the film and television branch of Hachette Filipacchi.
Journalists from around the country are being hired to assist with content, Wang says, including Celia Farber, a former Spin columnist who will serve as a contributing writer.
Actor Billy Baldwin will spearhead the political section of the site. Wang says Baldwin's political activism made him a natural choice to lead discussions and provide commentary.

A Texas native, Wang also launched, a college-focused site that lets students post their essays and writings. Novix Media has acquired Ironminds.
As for a name for the new site, Wang says several options are being considered, but nothing has been decided yet. "I'm still working on that," he says.



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