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From AJR,   February/March 2009

Pat Boone Was Right   

By Unknown

Pat Boone notes important dangers from the homosexual lobby to the constitutional process and its lack of respect for the rights of others. Missing from Rem Rieder's discussion of Boone's writings ("Pat Boone, Pundit," Online Exclusive) are the religious rights and the voting rights of those who oppose that lobby. Escalating from being sore losers to mob rule and threatening people for exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights is a crime in some states. It does not matter if the person doing the intimidation is acting under color of law or not. It is troubling that responsible academic journalists fail to sound the alarm of dangers to constitutional freedoms when losers intimidate voters.

The dumbing down of the electorate lies at the feet of negligent journalists who fail to keep the public informed about what freedom in this country depends upon. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, speech and the right to vote against the most vocal interest groups. Mr. Rieder fails to mention this.

Roy Bercaw



Cambridge, Massachusetts