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Falling Short   

Posted: Thu, Dec. 9 2010

By Unknown

While I enjoyed the "Short on Ethics?" article written by Cary Spivak (Fall), and I think the issue deserves to be discussed, I was rather annoyed with the implied bias of the layout.Each of the last four pages of the article had a pull quote, all of which defended short-selling and the business model of sharesleuth.com. There were plenty of interesting and informative quotes from the other side, but they were completely ignored in the layout. For example, there is this quote from Washington and Lee professor Edward Wasserman: "Their claim to be taken seriously as journalists, if they're making that claim, is ridiculous." And this one from Roddy Boyd: "I would not want anyone to be able to say of my work, 'Whoa, it's tainted.' " They would have easily represented the side against this business practice.

I find it ironic that in an article on ethics, AJR fails to recognize a biased layout.

Benjamin Gruey Staff writer The Oak Leaf Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, California

--Editor's note: Guilty as charged.




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