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From AJR,   February/March 2013

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Ruh-roh! RT @robertcostaNRO As the returns sour here, Romney campaign turns off network feed. Now they're playing rousing campaign videos. M. Bay-type political films. (@KeithOlbermann)

Ruh-roh ...Obama's Approval Slides to Lowest Level of Year (Human Events)

Ruh-roh , Romney: Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Obama (JEZEBEL)

Ruh-roh , Raggy. Someone went and checked Romney's crazy jobs claims. (OpEdNews.com)

Ruh-roh! @WSJweather: My latest full forecast post: Cold Weather Lingers, Another Storm Possible Next Week (@smhalcyonco)

Ruh-roh . SEC computers left vulnerable to cyberattacks, report finds via @globalpost (@taliabethralph)

Ruh-roh : Health care costs are speeding up again. (@ezraklein)


So What You're Saying Is, He's a Wizard?

America's Chief Wizard Nate Silver Had the Best Election Night of Anybody and Here's Why (Gawker)

Nate Silver Wears a Wizard's Hat to Dinner Because That's What Happens When Nerds Become Rock Stars (philly.com)

15 Fun Stats About Number Wizard Nate Silver (Wired)

But there's also a less critical subplot in this year's election: the battle between New York Times poll wizard Nate Silver and the rest of the pundit class. (latimes.com)

The battle between New York Times political stats wizard Nate Silver and the beltway punditry – what The Atlantic's James Fallows calls a fight between Moneyball-type "quants" and gut-based "'savvy' experts" – is heating up. (theweek.com)

So did Nate Silver, the New York Times' statistical wizard behind the political analysis blog FiveThirtyEight. (Discovery.com)

Because as much as critics have cornered Silver these past few days, the data wizard has only become more sure of his analysis. (theatlanticwire)

Terrifying Numbers – Wizard Nate Silver Predicts Electoral College (Wonkette)


Take 2

Glad They Cleared That Up An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the annual Female Orgasm Seminar had been renamed "The Female Orgasm and All Things Penis." In fact, the session on orgasms and penises which will take place this week is a separate event from the Female Orgasm Seminar, which will be held in the spring. (Harvard Crimson)

He Left the Others Alone Doctor accused of assaulting patients due in court (Associated Press)

Next Time in English Overall, the storm caused some tidal flooding in Shore areas, but appeared to have been much less worse than feared because the heaviest band of snow formed in central New Jersey. (philly.com)

Villanova recruit Ryan Arcidiacono haves some fun during warmups for the Mary Kline Classic last May in Pennington, N.J. (philahoops.com)

Copy Editor on Holiday The driver of the truck was cited because he did not have the right away, Capital Metro officials said. (statesman.com)

Winning Line

"It was amazing. I thought the soul of George McGovern had leapt through the air straight into the Republican nominee." – the New York Times' David Brooks, on Mitt Romney's big-time move to the middle late in the presidential campaign

"I think you're 140 characters away from being fired all the time." – CNN's Candy Crowley on being on Twitter, during a political discussion with PBS' Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff at the Newseum

"Before tweeting, people used to keep these thoughts to themselves." – CBS' David Letterman, in a show-opening monologue

"If you wrote a column making a hilariously incorrect election prediction, an apology or resignat – ha ha just kidding, it's cool." – Fake AP Stylebook

"I'm not very pro-pundit. If pundits were on the ballot against...ebola, I might vote ebola, or third party." – poll analyst to the stars Nate Silver, in an interview with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central

"There is no such thing as bad people. Only good reporters." – overheardinthenewsroom.com