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American Journalism Review
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April 1998
Starr Struck
Once hailed as a savior of investigative reporting, Kenneth Starr is now seen by some as a threat to the First Amendment   > read more
By  Florence George Graves
Double Vision
The American public assailed the news media for devoting so much attention to the Monica Lewinsky story; all the while devouring the coverage. What lies behind the apparent contradiction?   > read more
By  Sherry Ricchiardi
Strong Medicine
The New England Journal of Medicine is a dominant, authoritative force in the world of medical news. But its embargoes, insistence on exclusivity and periodic conflict of interest problems stir controversy.   > read more
By  Peter Wehrwein
Mountain Shoot-Out
Not many cities still have dueling dailies, but glitzy, tiny Aspen does.   > read more
By  Sharyn Vane
Ombudsman To the Swedes
When it comes to mediating complaints about coverage, Sweden's Press Ombudsman gets high marks in the Scandinavian nation. But how exportable is this concept?   > read more
By  Steven Price
A Time To Think Of News Councils
Minnesota's is a model for others, but not everywhere.   > read more
By  Reese Cleghorn
Easy Listening, Hard Choices
The public's voice must be heard, but it can't overwhelm journalistic judgment.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
A Brand New Ball Game for Local News
The realignment of pro football's TV schedule will have an impact on newscasts.   > read more
By  Lou Prato
Slow Down And Make Sure It's Right
Mainstream news organizations must not lower their standards in the rush to strike first on the Internet.   > read more
By  J.D. Lasica
Expensive, Intrusive And Rarely Successful
Investigating leaks often sounds better in theory than in practice.   > read more
By  Jane Kirtley
Protecting The Local Franchise Online
Some newspapers are forging alliances designed to reinforce their brand names in cyberspace.   > read more
By  John Morton
Susan Molinari's Bumpy Ride at CBS
The former congresswoman encounters problems in her transition to journalism.   > read more
By  Kelly Heyboer
Spinning: The Military's Other War
The military teaches its public relations officers how to deal with the news media.   > read more
By  John Donnelly
The Language of the Digitally Hip
Exploring the jargon of the online world.   > read more
By  Suzan Revah
From Birmingham to the World---in a Minute
An Alabama television station opts for very short news bursts.   > read more
By  Patrick Rogers
Moving Forward at The Press Club?
Controvery swirls abou the president of the National Press Club.   > read more
By  Roger Friedman
The Fallout From Too Much Crime Coverage
Scooped! How the Media Have Missed the Real Story on Crime While Chasing 'Crime Waves,' Sleaze, and Celebrities
By David J. Krajicek
Columbia University Press   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp
A Fast Start   > read more
By  Jeremy Bond
Keeping Up the Fight   > read more
By  Corey Howell
Bylines   > read more
By   Unknown
Cliché corner   > read more