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April 1999
An Olympian Scandal
How a local TV news story in Salt Lake City led to the disclosure of far-reaching corruption in the way Olympic sites are chosen.   > read more
By  Alicia C. Shepard
Paying For It
Larry Flynt offered big money for information and brought down a powerful congressman. How secure is mainstream journalism's taboo against purchasing news?   > read more
By  Kelly Heyboer
Over The Edge?
Is writing with attitude and edge a laudable device to make news reports more compelling? Or does it pose a serious threat to journalism's core values--and credibility?   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
The Death of the Free Obit
More and more newspapers are charging for obituaries. With profit margins so high, do they really have to?   > read more
By  Judith Sheppard
State of The American Newspaper
The New Washington Merry-Go-Round

A survey of 19 key agencies reveals that newspapers are jettisoning traditional beat coverage. Is the public being served?   > read more
By  John Herbers &  James McCartney
We Could Miss the Big Story Of the Era
Or maybe we should review this book.   > read more
By  Reese Cleghorn
Playing to Their Strengths
Depth and context are newspapers’ key advantages. They should exploit them, not try to be something they’re not.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Easy to Do, But Often Worthless
“People on the street” interviews add little to a news broadcast.   > read more
By  Lou Prato
Protecting The Privacy Of Net Surfers
Personalized ads are arousing concerns.   > read more
By  J.D. Lasica
States Moving to Block Sale Of Records
Reporters’ information-gathering abilities may be threatened.   > read more
By  Jane Kirtley
A Bold, Promising Move to Morning
A revamped JOA could strengthen both the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer.   > read more
By  John Morton
A Tough Call for the Nation’s Editors   > read more
By  Chris Harvey
The Wall Street Journals   > read more
By  Chris Harvey
A TV Station and a Newspaper Join Forces   > read more
By  Jennifer L. Goodale
Keeping the Faith   > read more
By  John Carroll
Log Cabin Online   > read more
By  Jamie Skinner
A Campus Newspaper War in Wisconsin   > read more
By  Mark Lisheron
AJR Asks
What are some of your favorite words?   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Celebrating the Intimate Delight of Radio
Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination

By Susan J. Douglas
Times Books
432 pages; $27.50   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp

There From the Get-go
USA Today gets a new editor.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Staying Up to Date
Mother Jones' new editor says the crusading monthly is not "dated" or "of another era."   > read more
By  Shanteé C. Woodards
Move Over, Dear Abby
Alfonse D'Amato launches a new advice column in George magazine.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
Three Thompson newspapers roll out a new regional Sunday paper beginning April 11.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
No Hard Feelings
Michigan’s Oakland University may have lost a lawsuit, but its journalism students will be the ultimate winners.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Cover Me
New Yorker cover sparks controversy as it depicts a police officer taking shots at everyday citizen-shaped targets.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Talkin’ Tina
Former New Yorker Editor Tina Brown raids her former magazine, hiring an editor away to direct her new Talk magazine.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Windy City Resurrection
The Tribune Co. wastes no time filling the gap that could have been left by the closing of Chicago’s City News Bureau.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
After All These Years
Seven years after she sued for libel, former Rep. Mary Rose Oakar and Cleveland’s Plain Dealer finally reach a settlement.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Cliché Corner   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
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