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American Journalism Review
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Issue :

June 2002
Sad State
Newspaper budget-cutting has triggered a sharp drop in the number of reporters assigned to cover the nation’s increasingly important statehouses.   > read more
By  Jennifer Dorroh &  Charles Layton
Uncivil War
A journalist outraged by a story in his former paper writes a scathing book accusing the news organization of contributing to the death of the story?s subject. But does the book suffer from the very flaws it accuses the newspaper of exhibiting?   > read more
By  Alicia C. Shepard
Online Uprising
Many in the mainstream media dismiss the screeds of bloggers--people who post their views on their own Web logs--as so much blather. But to this Los Angeles writer, these maverick sites are well worth exploring.   > read more
By  Catherine Seipp
Stevie Wonder
Steve Coll has managed to find time to write ambitious pieces while serving as the Washington Post’s managing editor. Now he’s working on a book about U.S. intelligence and Osama bin Laden. Can he do that and reach his goal of building a “spectacular” Post packed with world-class enterprise reporting?   > read more
By  Lucinda Fleeson
High School Confidential
In their efforts to suppress negative news, administrators are increasingly apt these days to censor student newspapers. And the young journalists are fighting back.   > read more
By  Jill Rosen
The Second Time Around
Challenging newspaper conventions of the past   > read more
By  Thomas Kunkel
Capital Mistakes
The drop in the number of statehouse reporters is all wrong.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Is It Journalism?
Yahoo! News attracts a large audience but does no original reporting.   > read more
By  Barb Palser
Flagging the Problem
Contrary to the thoughts of MSNBC, incorporating the American flag in a newscast is wrong.   > read more
By  Deborah Potter
Stop Reading Over My Shoulder
The Colorado Supreme Court shields book-purchase records from government snoops.   > read more
By  Jane Kirtley
A Losing Proposition?
Two new dailies try to break a depressing trend for startups: failure.   > read more
By  John Morton
Face to Face with a Suicide Bomber
Journalists wrestle with a new ethical dilemma   > read more
By  Kelly Heyboer
Share and Share Alike
Freedom papers save money by sharing once-local content   > read more
By  Natalie Pompilio
Fly in the Power Plant
Fox flyover story raises eyebrows on multiple fronts   > read more
By  Doug Brown
A Piece of Denver Dies
Columnist chronicled his last days in the Denver Rocky Mountain News   > read more
By  Jill Rosen
The Deep End?
Two parties poised to reveal the identity of Deep Throat   > read more
By  John Bebow
Praising and Preserving the Muckraking Spirit
Muckraking: The Journalism that Changed America

Edited by Judith and William Serrin

The New Press 392 pages; $25

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

Edited by Kristina Borjesson

Prometheus Books 392 pages; $26   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp

Publisher’s Pick
Greg Moore, managing editor of the Boston Globe, becomes editor of the Denver Post, replacing Glenn Guzzo.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
The Times Exodus
Three more editorial staffers—Stephen Engelberg, Melinda Henneberger and Sam Howe Verhovek—depart the New York Times.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Moves In Minneapolis
Anders Gyllenhaal departs Raleigh’s News & Observer to succeed Tim McGuire as editor of Minneapolis’ Star Tribune.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Handoff in Houston
Jeff Cohen, editor of the Albany Times Union, takes the helm at the Houston Chronicle, as Editor Jack Loftis retires.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
On a Mission
Lorraine Branham, a former executive editor of the Tallahassee Democrat, is named director of the University of Texas School of Journalism.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Double Dipping
The Chicago Tribune lures a high-powered couple from the rival Sun Times: Managing Editor Joycelyn Winnecke and Sports Editor Bill Adee.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Loves the Beast
NBC loses correspondent Suzanne Malveaux to CNN’s White House beat.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Legendary Lensman
Isadore Bleckman looks back on 36 years as a cameraman for CBS News.   > read more
By  Lonnie Shekhtman
In Memoriam
Brian Dickinson, a Providence Journal columnist who kept writing after Lou Gehrig’s disease immobilized him, dies at 64.   > read more
By  Kathryn S. Wenner
Cliché Corner   > read more
By  Jill Rosen