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American Journalism Review
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June/July 2009
Stay the Course
The New York Times shouldn't even think about dropping its public editor position. Online Exclusive posted 8/5/09 3:25p.m.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
AJR's Ricchiardi wins Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism   > read more
By  AJR Staff
The Michael Jackson Explosion
Overcoverage of his death is hardly a major media sin. Online Exclusive posted 7/10/09 2:35p.m.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Plotting the Future
Former Washington Post editor Larry Roberts will explore how best to showcase investigative projects online in his new role as executive editor of The Huffington Post Investigative Fund. He started work this week. Online Exclusive posted 7/8/09 5:00p.m.   > read more
By  Lindsay Gsell
Forecasting the Future
A Q-and-A with Marc Frons, the New York Times' chief technology officer of digital operations Online Exclusive posted 6/25/09 3:45p.m.   > read more
By  Katherine King
A Newsosaur Takes to the Web
Alan Mutter and his quest to help figure out the future of journalism Online Exclusive posted 6/23/09 3:08p.m.   > read more
By  Priya Kumar
The Death of Slow Journalism
The canceling of this year's Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference is only the latest blow to long-form, story-driven journalism. A veteran narrative journalist looks back at her decades in the trenches and mourns the decline of her métier. Online Exclusive posted 6/8/09 12:09p.m.   > read more
By  Candy Cooper
A License to Experiment
A popular Washington Post columnist moves from writing to heading an innovative multimedia reporting team. Online Exclusive posted 6/4/09 12:32p.m.   > read more
By  Priya Kumar
Cities Without Newspapers
As the economic noose tightens, the notion of big cities without local dailies seems a real possibility. What would the impact be on civic life? And what might emerge to fill the gap?   > read more
By  Rachel Smolkin
The Twitter Explosion
Whether they are reporting about it, finding sources on it or urging viewers, listeners and readers to follow them on it, journalists just can’t seem to get enough of the social networking service. Just how effective is it as a journalism tool?   > read more
By  Paul Farhi
A Porous Wall
As news organizations, in their struggle to survive, blur the line between editorial and advertising, does credibility take a hit?   > read more
By  Natalie Pompilio
Hunkering Down
Despite the massive economic problems plaguing the newspaper business, some journalists refuse to scramble for the lifeboats.   > read more
By  Beth Macy
Before Deep Throat
The FBI director gave me explosive information about Watergate just two months after the break-in, but it never made its way into the New York Times.   > read more
By  Robert M. Smith
Taking Issue
The son of the late FBI Director L. Patrick Gray III disputes the notion that his father tried to leak explosive information about Watergate to a journalist two months after the break-in. Online Exclusive posted 5/28/2009 3:41p.m.   > read more
By  Ed Gray
Documenting the Return Of War Dead at Dover
A former Pentagon correspondent’s first-person account

Video from AJR's Jamie McIntyre on the U.S. government decision to allow the media to attend the return of American war casualties.

  > read more
By  Jamie McIntyre
Notes from a New Dean
Preserving journalism in a tumultuous era   > read more
By  Kevin Klose
Fears for the Future
Who will pay for the nation’s newsgathering efforts?   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Stopping the Presses
Maybe it’s time for newspapers to go online-only.   > read more
By  Barb Palser
Extreme Makeover
Local newscasts experiment with new looks and formats in an effort to draw viewers.   > read more
By  Deborah Potter
Not Dead Yet
Despite the gloomy news about newspapers, many smaller dailies still make money.   > read more
By  John Morton
The (Sopris) Sun Also Rises
Small town Carbondale, Colorado, loses one newspaper only to have residents join together to launch their own.   > read more
By  MacKenzie Cotters
Circulation Boost?
Newspapers explore delivery via electronic reader.   > read more
By  Will Skowronski
Off the Bus

Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press

By Eric Boehlert

Free Press

352 pages; $26   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp

Farewell to New Orleans
A veteran New York Times correspondent reflects on covering the rebuilding of “an irreplaceable cultural treasure” as he starts a new beat in West Africa.   > read more
By  Priya Kumar
“One of Your Best”   > read more
By   Unknown
Charging for Content   > read more
By   Unknown
Not Impressive   > read more
By   Unknown
Lighten Up   > read more
By   Unknown