The Foggy Bottom Beat  | American Journalism Review
From AJR,   October/November 2003

The Foggy Bottom Beat   

By Stephen Seplow
Stephen Seplow, a longtime editor and reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer and a former news editor in Knight Ridder’s Washington bureau, is a Philadelphia writer.      

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World news dominates the headlines, and the secretary of state is a true celebrity. But neither fact has persuaded more American newspapers to assign reporters to regularly cover the State Department. Just 12 newspapers and one newspaper group have correspondents who spend at least half their time covering Foggy Bottom, the same number as last year and five years ago, when the Project on the State of the American Newspaper conducted its first tally. However, three newspapers--the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Times--increased their firepower in the past year and now have three reporters covering State.

Baltimore Sun: Mark Matthews
Boston Globe: John Donnelly
Chicago Tribune: Howard Witt
Christian Science Monitor: Howard LaFranchi
Dallas Morning News: Richard Whittle
Knight Ridder: Warren P. Strobel
Los Angeles Times: Paul Richter, Sonni Effron, Robin Wright
New York Times: Steve Weisman
Newsday: William Douglas
USA Today: Bill Nichols, Barbara Slavin
Wall Street Journal: Carla Robbins, Chris Cooper, Neil King
Washington Post: Glenn Kessler, Peter Slevin
Washington Times: Sharon Behn, Nicholas Kralev, David Sands



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