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From AJR,   June/July 2006

Tierney’s Spaghetti Gravy   

By Rachel Smolkin

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Take six or seven cloves of garlic. Chop them up. Sauté that, low, in a big pan. Then throw in two, three big onions, chopped up nicely, coarsely.

Sauté that, and really make sure it wilts down a little bit with good olive oil.

Then you use tomato paste, tomato sauce, pureed and chunky tomatoes, as well as fresh tomatoes, so a lot of different types of tomato products. Cans and cans of that.

Then you use oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram — that's the one that everyone forgets — and a couple of bay leaves, very light on the bay leaf.

Then the other secret is to use hot sausage, mild sausage, chicken, beef bones, pork — a lot of different meats and bones are important, too. Add some salt and pepper.

Slow cook that sucker with your meatballs for a good four or five hours. At the end of the day skim off the fat and throw it away. It will be good that night. It will be even better the next day after it cools.



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