Following the War on the Web  | American Journalism Review
From AJR,   January/February 1999

Following the War on the Web   

By Unknown

Independent media sources: ANEM (Association of Independent Electronic Media): and
  • Belgrade-based Radio B92, a news service:
    English-written and audio bulletins:
  • News in Serbian:
  • Daily newspaper Koha Ditore in Pristina:

    Yugoslavian and other government sources:

  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:
  • Government site addressing ``Albanian Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia":
  • Government site identifying various media, their politics and affiliations:
  • Government site on the media campaign against Yugoslavia:
  • Ministry of Information site, ``Your Guide Through Serbia":
  • Pristina Media Center (with news reports and the official Serb position):
  • Kosovo Information Center (run by ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova and his party, the Democratic League of Kosovo):

    Other useful sites:

  • The Balkan Institute:
  • Freedom Forum:
  • Committee to Protect Journalists:
  • U.S. State Department (with regional reports from Kosovo):
  • Serbian Orthodox Diocese, of which the Rev. Sava Janjic is a member:




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