The Sound of Silence  | American Journalism Review
From AJR,   April 1998

The Sound of Silence   

By Florence George Graves
Florence George Graves, a resident scholar at Brandeis University, is the founding editor of Common Cause Magazine and one of the reporters who broke the Packwood story for the Washington Post. Her research for this story was supported in part by the Fund for Investigative Journalism. Amanda Elk, Bridget Gutierrez and Kathy Killeen provided research assistance.      

AN INTERVIEW WITH TIMES INC. GENERAL COUNSEL Robert McCarthy illustrates just how sensitive questions to the news media about subpoenas from Kenneth Starr and other independent counsels can be.
Asked whether Time magazine had received any subpoenas from an independent counsel, McCarthy said, ``We get subpoenas all the time from various people, including independent counsels."
Has Time received a subpoena from Starr? ``I can't comment," he said.
Has Time received a subpoena from any independent counsel since Clinton has been president? ``I don't have a complete recollection. I wouldn't be surprised, [but] I don't know for a fact."
Would he check? ``No, I don't have the time.... I'm not sure we would want to disclose the information" anyway. ``I can say we haven't gotten anything in the last two weeks," he said in a March 4 conversation that included a discussion of the recent Sidney Blumenthal subpoena.
Have you ever received a subpoena from Starr? ``I don't know for sure," he replied, explaining he wouldn't comment even if he had. Why not? ``If we were going to comment about it, we would already have done so."

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