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From AJR,   April 1999  issue

Move Over, Dear Abby   

Alfonse D'Amato launches a new advice column in George magazine.

By Lori Robertson
Lori Robertson (robertson.lori@gmail.com), a former AJR managing editor, is a senior contributing writer for the magazine.      

"Dear Al, Now that Monicagate is sort of over, I can't find any political coverage that interests me. My new corrupted self is longing for those tawdry and torrid details I once found offensive. Aren't there more sex-in-politics scandals to be uncovered? Signed, Bored in Baton Rouge. " Well, maybe that one won't make it into the May issue of George magazine, but some advice-seeking letters will when Alfonse D'Amato becomes the monthly's version of Dear Abby. The former Republican U.S. senator from New York will answer both political and personal questions in his advice column, says George Executive Editor Richard Blow . D'Amato, often known as "Senator Pothole," wanted to write; the rather novel idea (at least for a political mag) came from the avant-garde George. Other monthly columnists joining the magazine's ranks are conservative lawyer, author and pundit Ann Coulter and former Clinton adviser Paul Begala . Their at-odds viewpoints will run side by side. Blow says George was interested in Coulter because "she's unafraid to make enemies," and she does the work to support her claims. Begala, Blow says, is "one of the most experienced political insiders in the country who at the same time retains an ability to communicate with people outside Washington, which is very important to us."