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From AJR,   March 1994  issue

Forgotten Women of Serb Rape Camps   

By Unknown

Jasmina, Ismeta and Sabina stood up. None of the women spoke. Jasmina's mother, Nasa, buried her face in her hands, which were draped with loose, wrinkled skin. They all looked down as the girls were taken out. After they left, no one spoke about what would happen to them.

They raped Jasmina, Ismeta and Sabina in the house in Vojvoda, raped others in the Cafe Sonja in Vogosca and the primary school in Kalinovik – both outside Sarajevo...

Thirty thousand Muslim refugees have fled to the free town of Zenica, and refugees in this one town have identified 17 rape camps. "What was happening to the men was recognized because they were in a concentration camp and it reminded us of the second world war, and it was on television; but we forget about the women," the former head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in the region, Anders Levinsen, says.

An illiterate teenager called Edina, from Kotor Varos, made this statement in Zenica:.. "The main one among them was Zdravko Krsic and seven others. The place where they took the women was a house in Sugic Street. That day when he took me there I was alone..."

When Edina visited a local doctor, he diagnosed that she was suffering from gonorrhea and that she could be pregnant, and advised her to go the nearest large town. l