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From AJR,   June 1998  issue

Hello Again   

Mark Miller returns to Newsweek.

By Bridget Gutierrez
Bridget Gutierrez is a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News.     

When Los Angeles bureau chief Mark Miller told his bosses at Newsweek that he was leaving after 12 years to work in television, Ann McDaniel was "quite distressed."

"I told him I would keep in touch and try to convince him to come back," says McDaniel, Washington bureau chief and assistant managing editor of the 65-year-old weekly magazine.

Her persistence proved fruitful. Miller, 35, has returned to Newsweek after a one-year hiatus as senior story editor at ABC 's "PrimeTime Live." "In the end, I wanted my own stories back," says Miller, who will be assuming the role of senior editor.

Miller missed reporting and writing his own pieces. "I thought I was ready to give that up," he explains. "I guess my ego is still too big to give up that kind of gratification – of seeing my own stories in print."

So why did he leave Newsweek in the first place? Miller says he always had an interest in television news. "Television has a power and immediacy that print cannot rival," he says.

But, Miller adds, "I didn't feel as connected to the news as I had at Newsweek. I've tried it and I'm glad I've done it, and I'm glad about going back to print."

What exactly is it about News-week that Miller can't seem to stay away from? "It really prides itself on the reporting and having their reporters be the first on a story," he says.

As Newsweek's L.A. bureau chief, Miller oversaw reporting on the JonBenet Ramsey murder and conducted the first interview with a Heaven's Gate cult survivor.

"On the story of the day, when the rest of the pack is competing against him, he manages to step aside and break news on a constant basis," says McDaniel.