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From AJR,   January/February 1998  issue

Cliché Corner   

"The Year of the Meltdown has left most East Asian executives in a state of numbness or desperation."
(Business Week)

Cliché Corner Daily Double!
"Perhaps--hem and haw as one might about damage from the Asia meltdown --investors think they smell a red herring ."
(Christian Science Monitor )

"If South Korea goes into meltdown , Japan follows and the United States goes into recession, I fully expect--I actually count on--Alan Greenspan to raise interest rates in response."
(Molly Ivins)

"Is Japan the next Asian financial meltdown ?"
( Buffalo News )

"Then the best way to bet on a comeback in Southeast Asia would be obvious: Buy closed-end country funds. After all, they must be really cheap now, given the big meltdown in these markets."
( Fortune )

"What began as an economic meltdown sparked by excessive borrowing and overspending has spread like a pox through the region."
( Boston Globe )

"So far, China has been able to withstand the Pacific Rim meltdown without any change in the value of its two currencies."
( Washington Post )

"But the real nightmare scenario, which motivates Washington's scramble to bail out the region, is a financial meltdown of Japan..."
( San Francisco Chronicle )

"The comments on Japan's economy by many market watchers last week were more appropriate to Halloween than Thanksgiving--all sorts of witches and hobgoblins threatening meltdown and evil spirits."
( Los Angeles Times )

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