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From AJR,   May 1998  issue

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"Our mayor and self-styled Miss Manners, Rudolph Giuliani, has had it up to here with outbreaks of rudeness."

( Chicago Tribune )

"Nasdaq, the self-styled 'Stock Exchange for the Next Hundred Years,' meets the Amex, aka the Curb, the exchange of the Flapper Era."

( Washington Post )

"She's a person who uses her physiology doctorate to style herself as 'Dr. Laura' on an advice show but 'doesn't do therapy' on the hapless people who turn to her for advice; a self-styled spokesperson for all that is right..."

( Los Angeles Times Magazine )

"He was a gangsta and a reformer, never-let-'em-see-you-smile serious and a jokester, criminal-minded and a role model, complicated and ridiculously simple, a self-styled Versace-wearin', Cristal-guzzlin', Mercedes-Benz-drivin' 'Big Willie' who depended on everyone believing that he was rooted in the 'hood."

( New York Daily News)

from more than 200 references
during four weeks in February and March