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From AJR,   December 2001  issue

Au Revoir, Mademoiselle   

As Mademoiselle folds, we look back on the headlines that set the tone for the magazine.

By Shannon Canton

Fashion magazine junkies and impulsive checkout line shoppers now have one less bible evangelizing this season's "new black," the hottest heel and the perkiest haircut. A letter tucked inside the November 2001 Mademoiselle informed readers that--mon dieu!--they had just received the magazine's final issue. "Difficult times lead to difficult decisions," Editor Anne Murphy wrote on behalf of the once-popular women's magazine.

During its 66 years, "The Magazine for Your Me Years" provided twentysomething single women articles on everything from beauty, style and careers to sex, relationships and, well, more sex.

But before memories of the monthly fade like the morning's lipstick, here are a few of its headlines to remember:

10. Just Say Yes! Smart Girls Can Have Sex 9. The Love Hormone: Why You Keep the Creep You Sleep With 8. The Many Lives of a Catsuit 7. Do Lawyers Make Lousy Lovers? A Guide to Guys by Profession 6. Who Wants to Marry Rich? I Do, I Do! 5. Like Mother, Like Daughter? Like Hell 4. Live Like a Rich Bitch for $75 or Less 3. Happy Horni-Days: 50 Ways to Make X-mas Really Jingle 2. Glamourous Liaisons: What to Wear to a Capitol Affair (Business, That is) 1. Amazing Legs Workout: More Inner Peace, Less Inner Thigh

Edited by Jill Rosen