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From AJR,   May 1999  issue

Back From Exile   

New York Daily News’ Sunday editor hires once-stellar, then-tarnished Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle to pen his opinion once a week.

By Lori Robertson
Lori Robertson (robertson.lori@gmail.com), a former AJR managing editor, is a senior contributing writer for the magazine.      

Edward Kosner decides that Mike Barnicle deserves a second chance. Kosner, the New York Daily News' Sunday editor, hires the once-stellar, then-tarnished Boston Globe columnist to pen his opinion once a week. Barnicle's requested resignation from the Globe came in August after plagiarism and fabrication charges surfaced involving his columns. Kosner says he was concerned about the past errors, "but I also felt that if everyone in journalism that ever made a mistake never got another chance, none of us would be working." Barnicle's Daily News column debuted March 28 in a revamped Sunday edition which features more entertainment and service information. Kosner says the paper has received positive reader response to his hire. Will he be taking any additional corroboration precautions? "We don't fact-check per se," Kosner says, "but I think that Mike is aware that he's in the spotlight. So, I'd be really surprised if there were problems along those lines." Barnicle, 55, says "it was great" getting the new gig. When asked if he felt he would be under more pressure or face more criticism this time around, he said, simply, "No. I don't."